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shake it baby, man blog

shake it baby

Parker is back on the shakes!  His plan is to shake it up until March 20th when he will fly off to the Dominican Replublic with a few of the gbg…possibly including yours truly…I haven’t yet decided if I want to burn the money…

So, last report Parker was at 244.  I’m gambling he looked down at 245 or 246 when he decided to make the drop back down to shakes.  He has 16 days before he flies off to warmer climates.

If he sticks to it he could be as low as 230…a number I doubt he has seen in a decade or more…

Me?  This morning I stared down at 241.

241 is good…the lowest I’ve been since November when I plyobox jumped on an icy driveway…

I never said I was smart…not since I was in my 20’s anyway.  With old age comes the realization that the bulb isn’t 100 watts…it’s a wee flickering candle of intelligence.

I’m super happy with 241 really…I could hit the 230’s this week.  I could hit it tomorrow if I’d put a few kilometres under my ass.  The wife wants me to run a marathon with her next year, a feat I couldn’t even consider above 210 pounds.

I know what the nice doctor that told me I needed a knee replacement would say about that…pain management until you’re old enough to have the job done…no thanks.  I guess I’ll self medicate with scotch. Besides if a took a pharmaceutical grade pain killer I may wipe out the dark spots…we all need a few crevices.  The thought of running a marathon on this knee is creating a pretty dark spot up there somewhere…I shiver when I try to look at it…all those kilometres…argh.

Beagle?  No word…holding out for a big surprise maybe?  I think so…he is dropping pounds during recovery.  He will report in at 192 any day now.

the circus in town? the man blog

the circus in town?

Well he will report in light if he has followed the directions of his surgeon…and I’m sure it can’t be easy to load up on quarter pounders after surgery…soon folks, the full report is on it’s way.

There is a chance his home nurse has smothered him with a pillow…now that I think about it…

Nurse, another tea…nurse…NURSE…mrrrrgggg …mrrrggg…wai….wait….mrrrrggg….Mandy…. …don’t…mrrrggg…..m…..g

I hope he got down a few pounds…they may want me to help carry that casket…my poor knee.

In happier news…It’s only minus 20 out.  So happy about the weather…it’s perfect.  You like snowmen?

Anyway, yesterday I ate the good stuff.  Greens, chicken, veg, more veg, some nuts…I was pretty good.  I will do the same today…I will do the same today…I will do the same today…

The quote de jour….

I like dark places.
James Gandolfini

Ahhh…Time for another coffee…

May the god of skinny shine his light upon you, touch and caress you…he has forgotten about me and my fat brethren!  Dear God of skinny, forgive us for beer and chicken wings…