Another day, another headache…

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I did not win at poker on Wednesday night…outside of an amazing headache that is.

Who knew that 80 fingers of scotch would do something like that?

another night...another headache...the man blog

another night…another headache…

So I get home reasonably early, maybe midnight.  What do I do?  I get on the scale…

I haven’t eaten anything, not a single cheat at poker.  No egg rolls, no cookies, nothing…

I have had 4 beers and ahhhhh I don’t know 12 ounces of scotch…

Guesses on my weight?  I had greens in the morning, a chicken breast and brussel sprouts at lunch and a few cups of raw veg before poker?

Would that be weight gained or lost?  Well I weighed in after poker at 241  !!!!!!

241   that’s right, 2 mofo 41

SO after poker eats…I had some more veg to ensure that I wouldn’t put on a pile of weight.  I wake up in the morning and do my daily weigh in.

242.2   FAK!

NO bid deal, fatty is still happy with 242.2  And Chunk is thinking that the scotch diet might be the answer after all.  So Thursday I didn’t get around to the tale of the tape, no blog…just too much on the go and a rocking headache.  But I didn’t turn to junk food and pop to ease that pain the way I usually would.  Nope I pounded massive water and had greens, a chicken breast with brussel sprouts a couple handfuls of nuts and raw veg.

Kevin and Beagle, the man blog

Kevin and Beagle

Sound Promising?  Nope…This morning I weighed in at 242.6.  That is still a new low for this round of the man diet but I had serious dreams of breaking into the 230’s!

Parker is steady at 244, Beagle had surgery yesterday and is going to hit the shakes, he is at 197.

You can see me in this picture, I’m standing behind them wearing the purple/blue shirt with the grey stripes…

We all need much much more scotch!

On the lighter side of life…my wife switched over to an Android phone yesterday.  She has spent the last 2 years reading books and watching workout videos on an iphone 5.  I’ve been doing lots of pointing and laughing with my galaxy s4 and her rebuttal has always been that the phone is too big.

Of course in my infinite wisdom…sorry, I occasionally stretch the truth, I realize that phones simply aren’t any more, I don’t bring my phone to my ear more that a few times a week…besides, the iphone puts out twice the radiation of most samsung phones…not that I worry about that sort of thing.  Anyway, she is now the proud owner of a note 3.  A beautiful bit of technology that dwarfs my s4.

Envy…I’d rush out and grab one myself but I need a few thousand in parts and paint on the snake and the snow will be gone within 60 days.

So that’s it…for today anyway.  To all of you out there in man blog land, all 3 of you…drink Scotch!  It whitens teeth…maybe…you never know!

The Quote of the day:

Whenever someone asks me if I want water with my Scotch, I say I’m thirsty, not dirty.
Joe E. Lewis

Well I’m not terribly dirty anyway.

Another miserable day in the Nationals Capital.  Keep warm, stay cool!