another day in paradise.

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What did we get yesterday, just 5 measly centimetres of joyous white snow…10? It seems like nothing when surrounded by 6 foot snow banks…  The great thaw will begin today though, plus temps…

The wife and I have considered heading back to Cuba for another week, I am gunning for a paint job on the Cobra so it’s tough imagining all the money falling through the cracks and me still getting that done.  I’ve spent a significant amount of time dreaming about driving the animal…soon…60 more days and I should be out on the roads.

This has not been the winter of manliness…very little time spent in the garage…no skiing…you see driveway plyobox jumps on an icy surface can lead to injury.  I still pay for that broken wrist today and will likely for 6 more months, longer if I continue to shenanigan it up!

This could likely lead to some sort of seasonal depression…all this moaning…but luckily I am no victim of that, I still love cold weather and take every advantage to spend hours outdoors.  Now that time may including a bit of scotch sipping…but hey, life can’t be without it’s punishments!

If it was a little later in the day my brain activity might be a stronger, but it isn’t even 4 am yet…I was in bed before 10 last night so I’m good.  I would have stayed in bed longer but d o g was scratching at the door.

Today I punish myself at the gym, the joy.   I ate reasonably well yesterday, under 50 carbs.  Down a bit of weight, half a pound.  You can expect that for 5-10 days if you limit the carbs.  Of course at some point you’ll have to cycle to get the energy to work hard at the gym but for now…I have a few energy stores left around…a round…

No update from Beagle…tonight I will see him at poker, a carb free event I hope.  I’ll get an update.

Parker cleared it, the man blog

Parker cleared it

Parker has been maintaining his weight even with beer and late night snacking!  See that is the goal …melt off a few pounds then stabilize and repeat…

Maybe it’s the ski trips that have been keeping Parker under the wire?

Whatever it is it’s working.  He hasn’t had to hit the shakes again…yet.

I haven’t either though…I haven’t given anything up and it shows on the silver monster…the scale puts me at 244.5

It isn’t a gain…positive thinking!

I will hit a circuit today at the gym, lift less more often…get a good sweat going…no breaks.  Alternatively I could do what 70% of the guys at the gym seem to be doing…which to me appears to be picking up other dudes…Guys, you’re at the gym to work out, save the chit chat for later.  Nothing worse than waiting on equipment while  2 guys, staring at themselves, talk about…pokeman…or whatever it is these guys are chatting about…It obviously isn’t man stuff or they’d get on with it.  Maybe they are talking about how to score chicks…that would be forgiveable but since they are wearing orange body tan make up I have my doubts…Maybe if they’d move out of their mothers house they wouldn’t have to come to the gym to hang out with their buddies…

Soon the athletic club will open, adding another gym to the mix.  Within 5 km of my house there will be a goodlife, snap, anytime, plyomax and the athletic club.  I’ve been to all of them other than the athletic club, they are all good…I haven’t spent time talking to the trainers at all of these gyms but the Anytime fitness seems to have the best that I have met…that said I have never even seen a trainer at snap…on the other side I have had the trainers at the plyomax talk openly in regards to my wife, not knowing I was with her, but I don’t mind that…some guys might…of course I didn’t let it go too long before I did let them know…  At the Anytime fitness the trainers have university educations…and come with high level certifications.  Not every Anytime, but the one I went to…yes.

The athletic club does offer a bit more bang for the buck so I think we will end up getting memberships for the kids there too…maybe…

Anyway, enough babble…time for the breakfast of champions…eggs…

Quote of the day:


Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoes.
Steve Martin

Today I try my best to live the good life…another day in paradise!

Stay warm…Keep cool!