if only we were so humble…

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Another frosty day in the nations capital, I’m ready to mow the lawn…really I promise to mow the lawn every single day if the snow is gone by the end of the week…Zero chance of that.

Chunk went to the gym yesterday, a wonderful experience as always.  Packed in fact, very little wiggle room for a no rest circuit but I pulled it off.  I also got the opportunity to watch a personal trainer set a rookie lifter up onto the angled leg press machine…the dude was easily my height, in his early 20’s, and maybe 175 pounds, he can bend in ways I haven’t in 20 years…and onto the rack he went.

Now this gym doesn’t have a leg extension machine, they believe it’s hard on the knees…so no leg extensions at the midget max…you will not target your hammies at this establishment…no sissy squats and unless you are under 5’5″ you will not get on the squat machine or the angled leg press

….but you can try…

So I take a moment to see if I’m missing something….maybe my technique on this simple piece of equipment is wrong…the kids only got maybe 300 on it, light weight baby…peanuts weight…but as he folds himself up under it I notice the only way he can get in there is to put his feet close to the base of the machine…this leaves his feet behind his knee by more than a foot at starting position.

…this poor kid won’t be enjoying knees long into old age…and the certified personal trainer standing over him drops the flag for a go…he performs the job…not good.

I’d love to tell you all that I lived a fully healthy day yesterday but there was a short time where the old men on the street got together for one smallllllllll scotch…I did venture over there with water, I mean I just got home from the gym had a sauna and a shower…I needed water…

another chilly drink, the man blog

another chilly drink

I’d like to take this moment to point out that the longest living people in the world have a few things in common…it isn’t food, some eat nuts, some eat bread, some eat cheese, some eat meat…it isn’t alcohol, some do drink, some don’t, some drink wine, some drink liquor…

2 things are common among them…one is regular social interaction and the other is plenty of outdoor activity…sunshine.

I’m just out killing 2 birds!

Next up…Beagles trip.  He is back today but I suppose we should revisit his excursions…  I do know his last night there he got totally wasted and fell off the path to his room into a bush which was hiding a rock wall…I think it left a mark…luckily his faced stopped him from suffering any serious ailment…

So lets do snorkelling and swimming with dolphins today…I mean snorkelling is going to be a cinch…

To tell you the truth I think we can cover both of these bases at the same time, I’ll have to ask you to imagine beagle swimming with dolphins in this next image

I can hold my breath! the man blog

I can hold my breath!

Beagle’s flight home was delayed many hours…but he was lucky enough to find out before he left the airport…that isn’t a terrible wait at the resort.

He should be getting home from the airport any moment and I will get the silver monster update from him today.

Beagle didn’t actually do any of these excursions while on vacation…he did not snorkel or jeep tour or catamaran or swim with the dolphins…You see those ‘trips’ are created for those that can’t sit still…they are the same excursions you go on in Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican…where ever you may find yourself.  I’m not saying a day trip to take in the local culture and history isn’t important…go to havana, see chichen itza…but please leave the dolphins alone…geez…think about it…they’d be in the ocean if you weren’t petting them.  Are you near a reef…snorkle…sure but a jeep tour…for what?  I’ve owned a jeep…there is no room for kids and groceries…it’s over-rated!

Anyway, I like to go on vacation to relax, life inside my own mind isn’t so bad that I need constant entertainment…and it helps me work out the dark spots…

Parker spent family day doing what good fathers do, he took the kids to mont st marie for a day of ski and snowboarding.  He may be fat, but he is a good dad!!  He and the kids are all very good on the slopes which can be a godsend during long winters like we are having this year.

I can’t remember the last time I wiped on a pair of skis or a snowboard, but I don’t think my wrist will handle even the smallest of mishaps so I did not venture out with them…this is what has made this the longest winter for me ever…I simply don’t want to be in a cast again…it cost me 15 pounds in November!

I did manage to do some benching at the gym yesterday though…I pay the price today, I’m lefty for coffee!

I’m also down a couple of pounds, man weight of course…today I weigh in at 245…svelte!  Of course I did eat well yesterday outside of the scotch…eggs and bacon for breakfast, turkey meat loaf stuffed with broc for lunch and chilli for dinner.  I snacked on a bit of yogurt in the evening…seems like a good day…and seeing as scotch has zero carbs I can’t help but lose weight!

No gym today…it isn’t part of the plan…guitar?  You bet…and code for sure, I’m behind on work for a client…totally going to do it right now!

The quote of the day…something many of us could heed:

Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble.
John Madden

For me it’s the skin I’m in…I’m very happy and I’m surrounded by very happy people.  Ya I may have had too many pizza’s…a dozen egg rolls…but I’ve enjoyed it.

Keep smiling…keep warm, stay cool!