complaints…I’ve heard a few

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You know…dieting, real dieting…it’s likely not any fun at all.

isagenix…the high wire balancing act between starvation and filler shakes…it’s not my thing…it works yes, but the pain.

The Parker diet…just shakes.  period…see it…the period?  Just shakes for 3 weeks has got to be tough, I’ve never attempted it myself…consider but not yet tried.

Low carb diets are pretty easy, eat lots of meat.  Done it plenty, it works and I don’t mind it…but forever…no.

The sugar detox…it’s low carb really, same as above, just like atkins or the french guy…done em all.

Chubby should be so vain…

Chubby should go to the gym, but chubby did not go to the gym yesterday.  He did eat a reasonably balanced diet…reasonably.

2 scrumptious hard boiled eggs for breakfast, chilli for lunch and home made ‘diet’ pizza for dinner.  Or 2 maybe.

Diet pizza—>high protein pita halved (makes 2 pizzas) 100 cals, 10 grams protein, 3 net carbs // 1 stick pillars pepperoni stick sliced  100 cals, 6 protein, 1 carb//shredded moz 2/3 cup  200 cals, 2 carbs, 14 grams protien//pizza sauce 1 tblsp 15 cals, 1 carb 0 protein.

2 pizza’s is 400 cals, 7 carbs and 30 grams of protein…that’s good stuff

what?  I said pardon?  You smell chocolate on my breath?  whaaaaaat?

Oh oh oh, right right…I forgot…I may have slipped a few chocolate covered almonds into my gob…I had to go to the bulk barn for suckers…valentines for the kids…and  Charlotte likes to pick a few treats…

what’s 15 chocolate covered almonds?

Well kids, that right there is 510 calories per 100 grams…can you give me an Amen!

The good news?  The silver monster I’ve been trying to unsuccessfully crush on a daily basis tells me I’ve lost weight….half a pound…I’m at a slimming 243.4.

That’s right…in the right light…with the right angle…I’m slim…mer….

Our favorite life insurance salesman is down weight! And he is on the beer diet!  All that time I spent in church as a child…you’d think the lord would be better to me than that!  Parker is out at the pub every night having beer while I sit here eating celery and imagining him downing diet shakes.  Kevin puts himself at 243-244 as of yesterday…or he hasn’t been on his silver monster to check in…diet shake avoidance….we shall get to the bottom of that

I won’t even get started with Beagles at an all inclusive…drunk…at the trough…

These are terrible people!

Excellent food Ottawa, the man blog

a must try in South Ottawa

Today is Valentines day!  My super sexy wife and I hemmed and hawed over breaking my diet to go eat delicious Zizi’s Kitchen and drink some vino…it was left to the restaurant reservation gods…they squeezed us in…I’m not to be blamed.

Tonight I will gain 5 pounds of man weight, I will lose it…but first I must pack it on…and pack it on I will enjoying every minute of it…and a fine bottle of wine…or 2…or more!

Zizi’s and have a small amount to eat…drink water and leave satisfied.  But why?

Nope…I’m going to go ahead and punish myself.

I know I wasn’t going to drink anything until the end of the month…20 days…but dinner with the wife does include a bit of wine…some sangria…a cocktail…a beer…

It’s a celebration…why not celebrate!

I promise to start punishing myself again ASAP!

Now…As I mentioned in an earlier blog…I had requested an image of Beagle on the beach via his wife…there might be some issues with that request so I’m going to go ahead and do the best I can with what’s out there on the nets…the webs have things.

man weight loss, the man blog

I have nothing more to say about this…

So here we are, photo one from the depths of the Beagle portfolio…As you can you plainly read, he is slimmer also.

All that meat is paying off!

For those of you that aren’t in the know…somewhere in Mexico Beagle has just coughed up cervesa through the nose…

As far as I know images on the interweb are never doctored in any way, Beagle simple forgot to evenly apply the sunscreen.

Beagle will be back in the land of snow on Monday…but I suppose we could have a look back at his vacation next week…a wee review of the excursions I like to imagine he went on, snorkelling, the pyramids, jeep tour…plus we can get the pictures from the inter stuff!

Today’s Quote will be from one of our fallen heroes, if you haven’t had a chance…read every thing he’s written:

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.
Hunter S. Thompson

To those of you shovelling today, stay warm…to those of you like me that are going to put the truck in 4 wheel drive and wait until the spring thaw…hammer down.

Stay cool…