And the winner is…

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Another Wednesday night poker…

cold poker

At least the cards were hot…

I actually tried to get out of this one but had trapped myself with poker chips in my truck…the last of the Yurting punishments.

I took it easy on the food yesterday, and last night…I may have had 4 or 5 ribs…plus…some scotch and beer.

All of that and guess what…243 even.  Not bad…

No word from Parker…am I to assume he is waiting for a couple days of shakes before he gives the nod to the scale?  He did have quite a few feasts on the yurting trip…all but one included syrup!

No Syrup?

No Syrup?

Maybe we will hear from him today!  I can tell you he said he’d be back on the shakes…no wide eyes for that!

Beagle is down to 195!  He is 10 pounds away from his target and 10 days out from his vacation.  Yesterday before poker he had nothing to eat…zero…nothing…nada…he did consume 1 single chicken wing at poker….one…and 10 tracksuits, at 7 pumps a piece that has got to be 26 ounces of liquor and a dozen redbulls…

I’m not sure how he is feeling today…lighter than me for sure…but the old intestinal track has got to be reeling.

Last night at poker was a ‘snow day’.  Which is called from high when we are going to consume monstrous amount of booze-ola…I didn’t get in too deep, I think I was home around 2ish, $575 in pocket to boot!  The dozen plus ounces of alcool I managed to put back aren’t leaving me in the best of resolves today but I’ve been worse…like Monday morning of the frozen yurting trip…I can feel my face today…no need to check for frostbite!

My guitar practice is coming along nicely…rocksmith 2014…it’s great!…I’m also working through Justinguitar online lessons too, it’s more about learning individual chords than is Rocksmith…it kind of teaches a method I guess…Anyway, I think if I keep up at this pace I’ll be rocking out in no time!

Oh…no gym for me this week…I should go hit the treadmill but I really don’t feel like it…har har…we will see if that changes.  My wrist is killing me…it’s swollen from dealing cards, I don’t see bench pressing as an option.  Beagle has been pounding out time on his elliptical, he sent me a photo of the screen which show he went 2 km in 23 minutes.  How do they calculate that…by stride length?  Beagle is on there trying to strike a balance between floating and flying away…2 more balloons and the entire machine will be laying up against the stipple…And we wonder why there is a helium shortage…it’s a none renewable resource Beagle, go easy!

No more balloons?

No more balloons?

So that’s it for today, I strive to eat well today much like yesterday…without the beer and scotch…I know…empty promises to myself…

Chunk is hoping to fly south too…Beagles used up all the cheap options so I guess I’ll be looking to fly via jet…hopefully one seat will be enough for me!

Beagle sent me the Quote of the day yesterday…a bit crude but here goes:

The easiest way to be Happy is to simply not give a fek what others think of you.


I think Beagle, Parker and I have that one down.

Cheerio…stay warm!