I loathe myself…its simple!

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Yes I’ve done some late night snacking, I’ve had beer and liquor, popcorn and candy, pop and chocolate bars…I’ve had late night meat and cheese, pizza and toast…I’ve had late night juicing…

Ahhhh….Late night juicing…THAT’s what I should have had last night!

Damn myself!  double damn me!!!

I woke up yesterday and clicked and clattered out my blog, the day in the life of flubber (notice I didn’t say old, fat, chunk or chubby).  I had scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast thinking I’d keep the carbs low.

I went to the midgetmax and put in a good workout which included steady lifting and some time on the treadmill.  For lunch I had some chicken tortilla creation from my beautiful wife…the tortilla was lettuce…healthy again.  The kids got home between 2 and 4 and we started the decomposition of the adult mind.  At around 5 I decided it was time for one tiny beer with my neighbor which became 2 and a wee tiny portion of Chivas…

Yes, that is not good, bad bad bad…but when I returned home I did nothing but have a bit of meat, no more carbs…My lovely wife was out teaching brownies yoga…or doing a kettlebell class for a young girls soccer team…whatever…it resulted in her coming home with 2 boxes of girl guide cookies!

chicken tortillas

chicken tortillas

You see that lunch right there, chicken, tomato, red pepper and avocado…what do you think the health benefits of that are over the course of a day that includes 2 beers, a shot of Chivas and a box of girl guide cookies?

Pardon?  I wonder if the chocolate ones or the vanilla ones are more beneficial…which has more antioxidants…To be safe I tried to have an equal number of each which I believe was somewhere around 10!

Where does that leave me on the scale?

244, same as yesterday…a GD groundhog day like every other GD groundhog day.  What did I expect?  I knew exactly what was going to happen this morning on the scale…in fact I was surprised to see it hadn’t gone up…a testament to hard work in the gym!

That skinny Parker is still down a pound a day, informing me yesterday he has lost 18 pound on the miracle shake diet.

shake diet

Skinny Parker

Parker has been on the shake diet for 18 days and has lost 18 pounds.  I don’t even know where these shakes come from to tell you the truth, the grocery store, isagenix, some home made recipe…I will find out and report back.  I’m not entirely jealous of Parker’s new physique, I mean yes it would be nice to lose 18 pounds right now but I’m not sure I want to take the shakes…I really sort of like food… and beer…and cookies!

There was a time not too many years ago that I ran at least 5 k every day, the gym 4 days a week and drank beer and ate ice cream every day…  I was 205 pounds and was much stronger than I am now.  I think its the k’s I’m missing at this point…You see there is no doubt I can maintain this weight doing what I’m doing now…I just don’t want this to be the weight I’m maintaining!

Anyway, we are supposed to snow shoe for hours to no end next week and I’m not sure if skinny Parker is going to make it…he is safe against bear attack though…I’m going to be on the menu long before skin and bone Parker.  Beagle isn’t offering up pictures of the scale this week, that could mean the Colonel has dropped into his life.  One whiff of the Kentucky Fried goodness and Beagle would lose a pound of saliva on the spot!  He hasn’t eaten in 14 days!

Today I should eat more of the chicken tortilla thing…it was a delicious meal and props to my lovely wife for putting it together…at one time she could burn a grilled cheese at every attempt!  Well she is beautiful and can out lift Parker and Beagle…There is so much fitness going on at my house that tiny 3 year old Charlotte will randomly do burpees or a few kettlebell swings…She has been throwing together new healthy recipes for some time now…there are hits and misses…You see if the recipe calls for sugar…something must go in it, honey, a few bananas…hell some berries, some sort of sweetness.  Almond flour is not a substitute for sugar…

Today I may take the day off the gym, I felt tired yesterday and was weaker…5 days of straight lifting is tiresome.

I hope you all a great day, those of you in the arctic like myself…stay warm!  Sauna Time!!!

Quote of theeeee Day:

Did you ever see the customers in health – food stores? They are pale, skinny people who look half – dead. In a steak house, you see robust, ruddy people. They’re dying, of course, but they look terrific.
Bill Cosby

There is a place in between too much and too little…not many of us have found it and most that think they have are lying to themselves.


  1. Kevinparker@rogers.com'
    Jan 21, 2014
    Charlotte could out lift me!!! Lol The shakes are Nature Factors meal replacement shakes with PGX.......