The Fat Beagle…

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Fat Beagle

The Fat Beagle

First let me start by saying I found this wonderful image heading up a southern food eatery.  It’s to the point.

So, I will skip telling you my weigh in today…it’s just not in line with a diet blog.  Did I have a bad day yesterday?  No…I juiced, I had a sensible lunch…and I had a late dinner.  I kofte burger and fries from ZIZI’s Kitchen.

Those of you that haven’t had a chance to get to ZIZI’s in Riverside South…You are missing out.

Not only is the food excellent, it’s under priced!  What?  You heard it here, I don’t think the owner is charging enough for what he is plating…delish!    If you do manage a trip the hot italian pizza is excellent, the chicken gorgonzola is out of this world and the kofte burger is the best burger I’ve ever had!

So the Kofte burger and fries at 7 pm were not a great diet choice.  The food is good, it’s just too late to eat.

I did manage a trip to the gym, chest and triceps.  I managed to push the 80 pound dumbbells with my girly wrist, it is getting better.  I did a full set which means I could have pressed the 100’s but I have nightmare of re-breaking my wrist and eating rubber…I go slowly…I’m not embarrassed to be lifting anymore at least, much better for my manhood…which I am striving to protect here right…that is my hokie pokie!

Am I sore?  I’ve done the entire body in the last 3 days so I will only list what doesn’t hurt: my left ear, my nose, one of the toe nails on my right foot…not the big toe one but the one right beside it.

Parker and Beagle…???  Not sure about parker but beagle sent my a photo of the scale last night, and I took a quick shot of what I was doing at the exact moment…guess which photo belongs to which fat man!


Fat 1 or Fat 2?

beagle scale

Fat 1 or Fat 2?

It’s likely not that tough to figure out.

One of us is down 13 pounds, the other had one tiny shot of scotch outside enjoying the last of the positive days for a while.





Poker night…the scale is going to suck tomorrow.  One of the guys asked who Beagle is…I haven’t been given the nod to use his real name but seeing as we’ve posted a few images today here are a couple of his Hollywood doppelganger…

Robo Beagle

No Runners Please


Beagle doppleganger










I do realize that the first image doesn’t clearly show Beagle’s doppelganger but just look at it…It just about made my entire day and it’s just after 5 am!  And then there is Robo Beagle…the gods are smiling down on me today.  I’ll likely win big at poker and eat 6 eggrolls without gaining any weight!

Before poker Beagle has requested that I help him carry his elliptical up from the basement…I consider this payback.  I believe he wants it in the master suite…his wife must be taking up too much closet space…the elliptical allows for 3 suits to be hung.

So…We’ve got just shakes and starvation down over 10 pounds each…and we have chubby hitting the gym so hard he can’t brush his teeth (possibly enjoying a wee scotch in the evening) gaining…

If any of the above statements seem mean…attacking…they aren’t, it’s just man talk…no big deal.  But let me clarify one thing, beagle did not win the table tennis…he won the pancake eating.

One last thing…I’ve been meaning to let you into this great secret but keep forgetting.  For years I used to use the men’s health personal trainer.  It’s a great tool, you track what you lift and it gives you a workout plan, adding weight or reps where it thinks you need it.  I had paid $20 a month…one day I took a good look at it and discovered I could use the same programs FOR FREE!  Take a look at

It’s free and it’s built by the best trainers in the world.  All you need to do is follow the plan.  Free baby!

The Quote of the day from an unknown author:

When I was in grade school, they told me to write down what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down happy.
They told me I didn’t understand the assignment,
I told them they didn’t understand life


Keep Smiling!


    Jan 15, 2014
    Lost 14 pounds now!....a pound a day, not bad eh!