The Groundhog Days…

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Nothing will ruin a great day of dieting like crackers and peanut butter at 10 pm.  Chunk worked out big time yesterday, legs and shoulders, squatting 300 pounds.  Talking the stairs today isn’t a lot of fun but working hard on big muscle groups is usually key in dropping chub.

A half decent crowd at the Plyomax.  I did attempt to get under the angled leg press again, just in case I was out of my mind the first 2 attempts, but no…it’s still for midgets…

Honestly the squat rack burns my britches also, it’s so short that if I attempted my 1 lift maximum I’d end up using it to get the bar off the rack…I’d have to perform half a squat just to get under the bar.

I was attempting to juice the day yesterday.  I went to the gym without food, doing my morning fast, then had a juice around lunch.  At 3 my darling wife wasn’t feeling well and asked me to get some crackers and ginger ale to try to settle her stomach…crackers you say?  Chunk loves crackers in his soup so he demolished a row around 3 pm and came back for more before bed.

That resulted in a weigh in of 242.6…the same as yesterday…Fak…

groundhog diet

groundhog days of dieting

If late night snacking wasn’t bad enough I may have had 2 beers and a wee pinch of scotch.  It’s simply too nice not to be out with the neighbors enjoying the day.

Now its before 4 am, I’m up, tired, starving and weighing the odds I’ll take the day off from the gym today.  I better go, an easy chest day anyway.

I’m thinking I may do my next leg day back at the goodlife, seeing as I have both memberships I might as well go where the equipment is man sized when I need to.

I seriously want to poke myself in the eye for killing my day yesterday…maybe if I don’t snack late today I’ll lose.  Maybe I could snack on a friggin apple rather than junk…

242.6  geezus…I can’t wait until I’m stuck at 219, I’ll likely have to cut off one of the old legs to get there.

On the old legs front I have been managing a little bit on the treadmill, I’m gunning to be running again this summer.  If old farts with torn ACL’s, zero meniscus, and a scheduled knee replacement can do it…what is your excuse?  Ya it hurts, hell I’ve lived it up for 42 years, everything hurts.

Quote of the day:

Somewhere there’s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can.
Bill (F) Murray

Stay warm…Out.