A New Man? Zombie?

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Did I wake up this morning with the ability to straighten my arms?  Yes sir!

You know, I may be getting a bit old…sadly that is the only reason it could possibly take a week to get over a workout.  What misery!

I went to the gym yesterday…chest and triceps…so far no pain.  Chest workouts are limited by my healing wrist, I’m only lifting 75% of what I used to the entire time feeling that my wrist is going to snap…it’s less fun than it sounds…

I did do it though, the gym, and I warmed up on the bike and ran on the treadmill after lifting.  Ya, running on the treadmill is a loose description but I’m doing what I can.  I’m sure it looks like an overweight zombie chasing a pork chop.  I’m not talking about one of those world war Z zombies either.

zombie treadmillOn the bright side I weighed in at 242.4 this morning.  Slowly but surely, and again, this is where I was starting my diet last year…that sucks because the man weight is off, now its real dieting.

And tonight…poker.

I didn’t eat yesterday until 10 am, the fasting thing.  Seeing as I had already been to the gym, 10 was pushing it…I had a sausage on a protein pita at that point…it’s like a brunch but not as much fun, let’s call it Fanch.  No need to give the first food you’ve had after starving a nice name like brunch.

Maybe I am a zombie…anyway…

I made a big batch of the men’s health chili and had a bowl of that around 3.  A closed out the day with a marvellous juice…and some beef jerky.

I’m down 7 pounds in 7 days…

Oh Oh…I actually picked up the guitar and studied a bit of coding yesterday!  All my resolutions are in order.

Quote of the day:

Joel: Is there any risk of brain damage?

Howard: Well, technically speaking, the operation is brain damage, but it’s on a par with a night of heavy drinking. Nothing you’ll miss.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind