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It’s Saturday night…not particularly late.  No point with a weigh in at this time, and likely no point in the morning either…I’ve cheated myself!

The day started off right, scrambled eggs for breakfast, a few lean meatballs for lunch.  Had a sauna and a dip in the hot tub.  No gym.

My arms are so sore from pushing it the other day I can’t straighten them…not even a little  🙂

So I just T-rex around.

My neighbor called asking if I could help install a new dishwasher so I went over, got the job done, and we sat for a while enjoying a bit of Johnny Walker Double Black Label.  Not bad, worth a few sips.

Came home, pigged out…

Watched a couple of movies, Dallas Buyers Club and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Both very good, Walter Mitty was great.  A feel good movie with great meaning.  Dallas Buyers Club was good too but seeing Mat at 90 pounds is unnerving.  He could be a stand in for Michael Jackson.

Sweet Baby Jesus, tiny little itty bitty baby Jesus…

So…good food, chillin, helping neighbors, scotch, m&m almonds…  Seems like a normal diet to me?

I’m blaming it on the rain…no wait, that’s not it…the pain the pain…in my fantasy island voice.  I’m too sore to think about the gym so I might as well slink off into the bushes and try to ambush myself with chocolate.

Ronald in the bushes

Why is Ronald hiding in the bushes.

There it is, the diet monster peering out from the bushes on the front yard…

At least I likely won’t head down to the mcdees, and they’ve killed the Golden Palace Egg Roll, that was a blessing, I almost went to church when they did that.

Let’s talk about that to close out.  You buy the Golden Palace, legendary for the Egg Rolls.  You have people flying in from 4000 km away just to buy them and what do you do when you take over the place????

Why you change the recipe!  Screw it, you own the place.  Thing is, you now own a plain Jane chinese food restaurant on Carling with terrible access and parking…Good Luck with that.

Quote of the day…not from Steve Martin but from one of his movies, Leap of Faith:

“I believe in life- what it does to you, and what you do back.”