Sweating to the Oldies.

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I should have done a cartwheel…one at the very least…an attempt…likely end up with a broken wrist…again….

So, a perfect day if I must say so.  I woke up early, did the b b b blog and off for a wee nap!

Out of bed round 2, 3 eggs scrambled for breakfast.

Then the gym, back and arms.  I pushed it hard considering it was my first time hitting it back/arms really good in 2 months.  Today I will not be either bending or straightening my arms without the suffering.

Home for lunch, a bowl of chili.  Then I punished myself with a Sauna and hot tub.

Easy and Cheap Sauna


For dinner I had salmon and sweet potato.

For all of this misery…244.6 pounds.  I lost a little over a pound yesterday…still man weight, the pound plus a day will end soon enough.

This afternoon I will be meeting a buddy  for a beer, I have my doubts that this beer day will find me down but we shall see.  The discussion will be all about fast cars and the joys of the consumption of alcohol…but not fast cars while consuming…we are too old to be that stupid.

The gym was open!  The plyomax was open, it wasn’t crowded, overall a good day at the gym.  Sadly I noticed there is no preacher bench or curl machine.  You’ll be freestyling or using yourself for concentrations…

…seeing as the plyomax is advertised as the best equiped gym in the city I expect this other equipment will be showing up any day…

Today I will not go to the gym…I think.

A bit about building a sauna in your home for those interested.

All in for under $500 for a cedar wet sauna in your home?  You bet!

I purchased everything needed from kijiji.  The heater was $200, people sell these every day, and the cedar is reclaimed cedar siding I purchased for $50.  I simply put it through a planer to remove the paint.

A dry sauna might be nice, but in my opinion a wet sauna does serious work, plus you can use it dry if you prefer.

On a -37 sort of day its nice to sweat…

Quote de jour: We will roll Steve Martin again…

You know “that look” women get when they want sex? Me neither.