Juice, Gym….Jelly beans? I’m looking for a word that works here…

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Might as well be Joker!

Zee good news is…drum roll please…I lost 4.8 pounds yesterday.

Let’s not start doing cartwheels just yet, this is man weight, I can gain that back in a few minutes…any minute now really.

The play by play…(to the rhythm of A day in the Life by the Beatles)…

I woke up, got out of the sack, juiced two pounds of veg and thought I must be smoking crack…

Yes, I hit the juicer for breakfast, delish really.  Carrots, kale, orange pepper and asparagus I do believe. Let’s have a look…



wait…I forgot broccoli!

For lunch I had chili, a fall back of mine, the recipe from a men’s health book I read long ago, the testosterone diet.  High protein, low fat, high fiber, some carbs…and tastes great.

Dinner….Salmon and more broccoli.  This broc was in the chewable format.

For an evening snack at poker I had 7 beers.  You heard it here folks, 7 beers and I still dropped almost 5 pounds.

What?  Is that even possible?

Man Weight baby!  Plus I did make a foray to the gym.  I attempted a trip to the local Plyomax, the new gym just opened in my neighborhood.

Not open you say?  On the busiest workout day of the year?  That’s right, pack up your new years resolution!  If you swore you were going to hit the gym every day in the new year and have a spanking new membership to the Plyomax in Riverside South you can scratch one off the list.  That’s 2 strikes for the plyomax.

1. Destroying 4500 New Years resolutions

2. Having equipment designed for people under 5 foot 10 inches.

I mean I’m not much over the average male height at 6′ 3″ but a bit of exercise equipment from Torque, which is the source at the Plyomax, is simply not set up for anyone over 5′ 10.  I can normally Angle Leg Press around 700 pounds, but the starting point on the Torque machine has my knees behind my ears…Kind of makes me feel like a lady of the night…  Anyway, no chance of pulling that off, it’s not safe…neither is trying to Angle Leg Press 700 pounds from that starting position.

Does that mean I was out of luck?  No Sir!

I still have a GoodLife membership!  And the GoodLife is always open!

Pardon?  Two gym memberships?  But of course, you can’t get into this physical form without 2 gym memberships…

That’s all folks, it’s 5:30 am, maybe I should try to get back to sleep…

Had to come back…quote of the day brought to you by

Steve Martin – Nothing I do is done by popular demand.




  1. dan@auns.ca'
    Dan Auns
    Jan 02, 2014
    So I am too much man for Plyomax?
    • Victor Wheeler
      Jan 02, 2014
      You'll have to give it a go. You'll be starting bench presses at half mast, squats...it's a foot below where you want to start and the angle leg press is tight, you will fit the same as me...it isn't pretty. Sign up...we'll go...point and laugh at each other!