Tipping the scales

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The man blog did not exist yesterday…  Poker went 3 am with more than a few pops.  Florida track suits do offer a bit of the superman complex of the liver.

Poker was a win, up $120.  Not much but much better than losing.

The Man Blog Wednesday Night poker

Food was delish, direinzo’s platter.  There is enough meat on one of these platters for 8 guys to build a 7 pound sandwich.


I had 2…


and I woke up Thursday morning after 3 hours of sleep tipping the scales at ———–248.6

Not my personal best but damn close.

This morning I managed 246.  This due to the slight loss in man weight.  Man weight, for those of you that don’t know, is a 10 pound buffer that any man can lose within 2 days of starting any diet.  This same man weight can be gained in 8 minutes upon leaving the previously mentioned diet.


I started off right yesterday, eating cottage cheese and fruit, some diet chili for lunch…but I followed that up with a couple popsicles.  I also had some of my wives diet dinner which was a slow cooker combination of chicken and quinoa.  Not bad but it isn’t on the menu at the Ritz, at least not as prepared by Chef Ev!